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July/Aug 2002

July/Aug 2002

16: Russian Calendar
This month's section features longer profiles of David Burlyuk, Oleg Protopopov, Sergei Lemeshev, Sofia Rotaru, Vassily Aksyonov and Varlam Shalamov.
Russian Calendar

22: Keeping a Sweet Tradition Alive
Laura Williams
The ancient art of wild beekeeping is alive and well in the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. Hardy bees and patient beekeepers team up to produce what some feel is the best honeyh in Europe.
:: Illustrations/Images by Igor Shpilenok


30: The Enobling Deception
Mikhail Ivanov
The language of cheating, lies and deceit. What could be richer in Russian?
Survival Russian

32: At Home with Alexei Nemov
Mikhail Ivanov
Alexei Nemov may just be the world's best gymnast. But we wanted to find out what this great athlete is like in person...

34: The Patriarch of Russian Painting
Semyon Ekshtut
Mikhail Nesterov painted images infused with spiritual beauty, inspiring generations of Russian painters that followed. His life story is one of amazing strength and artistic resilience.

46: Day in the Life: Kiosk Merchant
Eleonora Sutotskaya
Our new series, "Day in the Life," begins with a profile of Natalia Kvachenko, a self-made businesswoman who keeps the kefir flowing.

48: So, Honey, Where Was That Cake?
A recipe oozing with honey -- honey cake has caught more than its share of unwary men.

50: You're Only 300 Once!
Linda Predovsky
St. Petersburg is about to turn 300 and there's a party brewing! We kick off a year of special coverage of St. Petersburg with a round up of next year's Tercentennial festivities in the Northern Palmyra. Plus, we offer a Tercentenary Traveler's Resource Guide, listing places to stay and companies to help you get to St. Petersburg next year.

58: The Russian Art of the Con
Nikolai Poroskov
A look at the art of cheating in Russia today--what are the newest cons and who is falling prey to them?

64: The Shape of Things Already Come
Paul E. Richardson
Oh, for the days when Moscow was a quiet, Imperial City. Today it is overrun with net cafes and foreign cars. It seems there is no turning back.
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