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Mar/Apr 2001

Mar/Apr 2001

21: 100 Young Russians to Watch
The second in our series of articles on 100 Young Russians to Watch. Link through the title of the article for a list of all 100 of the individuals.

37: Better than a hundred rubles
Mikhail Ivanov
How many idioms and phrases are there surrounding the word 100? You'd be surprised!
Survival Russian

38: Kayaking Kamchatka
Christine Seashore
Remote, wild and pristine, the Kamchatka peninsula is an adventure traveler's dream. We join Christine Seashore and her husband while they kayak the coast of this amazing region.

47: An Independent Spirit
Semyon Ekshtut
Nikolai Ge was one of the most influential and talented Russian artists in the 19th century. And, as Semyon Ekshtut shows, he was also one of the most independent-minded.

58: A duck for winter's end
Red Square Restaurant
Duck, stuffed with rowanberries and celery. Just try to read this recipe and not rush out to the butcher...

64: Spy versus Son of Spy
Paul E. Richardson
You too can spy for your country...
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