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Feb/Mar 1999

Feb/Mar 1999

12: Exploring Russia's Sexual Revolution
Mikhail Ivanov
As if economic and political revolutions were not enough for Russia in the 1990s! Russia's Sexual Revolution is challenging decades of Soviet prudishness, with all the expected side-effects.

22: Lie down with the dogs ...
Mikhail Ivanov
Animal lingo in Russian, from what every dog knows to how to live with the wolves...

24: The Life and Death of the Mushroom Eater
Semyon Ekshtut
Alexander Griboyedov's day job (as a senior Russian diplomat) kept him from applying his immense talent to more than just a few works of literature. It also led to his tragic death 170 years ago.

30: The Death of Veezeer-Mukhtar
Yuri Tynyanov
An excerpt from Tynyanov's historical fiction which profiled the death of writer and diplomat Alexander Griboyedov.

34: Kasha to take your troubles away
Red Square Restaurant
This dessert--Gurievskaya kasha--is a true treasure of Russian cuisine. Make it for a loved one and you are sure to score big.

36: Solvychegodsk: Salt City
William C. Brumfield
The Stroganov family built a fortune on salt and pelts in Russia's northern town of Solvychegodsk. They also left behind some cultural treasures.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


44: All's Fair in Party Warfare
Valentina Kolesnikova
Stalin "thanked" Leningrad for its heroic survival of WWII by subjecting it to a massive purge in 1949. Only today, fifty years later, are all the details becoming clear.

46: Love & Aldebaron
Yuri Olesha
Yuri Olesha might well have become Russia's 20th century Nikolai Gogol, but just as his literary talent was blooming, it was plowed under by the socialist Thermodor. We offer here two of his marvelous short stories, in original translations.

53: A Collector's Passion
Robert Greenall
Valery Blinov has single-handedly collected what may be the world's greatest archive of Russian children's books of the last 100 years.

64: The Way Things Should Not Be
Mikhail Ivanov
The political ramifications of the US bombing of Iraq, in the midst of an impeachment scandal.
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