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August 1995

August 1995

2: An American in Russia's Orbit
Beth Dickey
An exclusive interview with Norm Thagard, the first American to spend an extended period of time on the Mir Space Station.

4: The Man Who Shot Stalin and Lived
Ruben Shirinyan
An interview with Vassily Yegorov, a long-time Kremlin photographer, including of the famous picture of Stalin lying in state.

7: No longer a comrade ... not yet a mister
Mikhail Ivanov
What Russians call each other. Comrade is out, but Mister is not yet acceptable...
Survival Russian

8: Supermarketing, Russian Style
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
A profile of a young entrepreneur who is opening up a series of Moscow supermarkets.

10: Ghosts of the Past
Yuri Alexandrov
Moscow is being rebuilt before our very eyes. This noted authority on Moscow architecture and Moscow history, takes a less than sanguine look at the attempt to rebuild the past in the capital city.

12: And the Loser is ... Russian Cinema
Eleonora Sutotskaya
A review of the 19th Moscow International Film Festival.

14: Two Alternatives from Sheremetyevo 2
A look at ways to get to the center of the city after landing at Sheremetyevo 2 Airport.
Practical Traveler

15: Fermenting a Russian Revival
Yelena Utenkova
The revival of interest in kvas.