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December 1996

December 1996

4: The Changing of Customs?
Yelena Utenkova and Liliya Solovyova
Often feared and even more frequently derided, the Russian State Customs Committee is slowly recovering its mettle after five years of post-soviet hardship. Our cover story peers beyond the hype, offering an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the guardians of the green channel.

13: The Little Angel
Leonid Andreyev
This short Christmas story by Andreyev was first published in 1916.

20: Deeper into Russia
Robert Greenall
A look at recent travel books on Russia that explore travel beyond the capitals.
Under Review

21: Dear Demosthenes ...
Mikhail Ivanov
Brezhnevian phrases about in Russian, even today. This column sets them down for posterity.
Survival Russian

22: The Holy Image Makers
Olga Listsova
The ancient and noble art of icon painting has been a part of life in Russia for eleven centuries. As Olga Listsova discovered, the creation and preservation of icons in Russia is far from a lost art. In quiet, close workshops around the country, masters of the art continue their toil.

27: Marshals of Victory
Valentina Kolesnikova
A brief look at the impressive careers of Marshals Zhukov and Rokossovsky.
Russian Calendar

28: Hold the smetana!
Darra Goldstein
The season of good will, feasting and merriment approaches. With this in mind, Russian Life asked culinary expert Darra Goldstein to contact some of the burgeoning crop of Russian restaurants in the US and give us a report on the state of Russian hospitality and culinary excellence in these restaurants. She found plenty of both. And that was just the beginning!
Practical Traveler

32: The pig that comes home
Yelena Utenkova
Suckling pig is a holiday delicacy in Russia. Cooking one is not an easy affair, but we get you off on the right (pig's) foot here.