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21 November 2018

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November 1996

November 1996

4: A Woman of Substance
Nikolai Pavlenko
Two hundred years ago this month, the death of Empress Catherine II brought many things in Russia to an end. Russia said goodbye to its last female ruler, and to the last ruler in its history to be given the title "veliky" (great). The period known as the Golden Age of the Nobility also drew to a close. Nikolai Pavlenko tells the story of the controversial and strong-willed German princess who siezed ppower in a vast foreign country and earned the ardent respect of her subject and outsiders alike.

12: Taking Fashion to the French
Yekaterina Ignatova
Of the brave first generation of Russian fashion designers, no one is as flamboyant and extravagant as Valentin Yudashkin. Our correspondent finds out what lies behind the success of this eccentric aesthete.

17: In Search of La Gloire
Valentina Kolesnikova
A look at the too short life and rich work of the 19th century painter Maria Bashkirtseva.
Russian Calendar

18: Operation Whirlpool
Roy Medvedev
Forty years ago this month, an uprising in Hungary tested the liberal credentials of the new Khrushchev regime and ended a warming trend in the Cold War. Noted historian Roy Medvedev describes the events of autumn 1956 in Budapest from a contemporary Russian standpoint.

23: Still alive, smoker?
Mikhail Ivanov
The language of smoking and smokers, all-important in Rus', is handled in this column.
Survival Russian

24: Jewel on the Volga
Igor Yunakovsky
Yaroslavl has always been one of Russia's most attractive and visitor-friendly cities. Now, as our writer discovers, its rich history and cultural traditions are providing the basis for a revival of its fortunes.

28: From Amerika with Live
Where to get Russian-made gifts without traveling to Russia.
Practical Traveler

32: A potent mixture
Yelena Utenkova
Moscow Solyanka -- a hearty fish and vegetable soup, is the featured recipe in this issue.