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Nov/Dec 2002

Nov/Dec 2002

16: Enriching the Russian Language
A biographical profile of poet, translator, playright, dramatist, literary critic and editor, Samuil Marshak.
Russian Calendar

22: Restoring Piter
Boris Khodorkovsky
Anniversaries are a time-honored pretext for municipal restoration in Russia, and St. Petersburg is making the most of its coming 300th birthday celebration.

28: A Small Crowd of Oxymorons
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at some of the oxymorons that litter the Russian language.
Survival Russian

30: Holiday Gift Ideas
Where we reveal where to buy everything from Russian cologne to Russian videos.

34: Stalingrad
Nikolai Poroskov
Sixty years ago, the stage was set for the most significant military battle of the 20th century--a bloody struggle for the Volga city that bore Soviet leader Josef Stalin's name.

42: The Artist's Will
Semyon Ekshtut
Pavel Korin was a painter of uncommon talent and immense tenacity. His paintings reflect an indomitable will to create great art despite difficult circumstances.

50: Aiding Siberia
Florence Hoffman
While the Russian Civil War raged, a few hundred American Red Cross volunteers labored in far-flung Siberian cities to help refugees and wounded soldiers. Florence Hoffman was one of those volunteers three-quarters of a century ago, and this is her first-hand account of her year in Siberia.

60: A Sweet Holiday Treat ... From Wheat
Darra Goldstein
A recipe for the wonderful winter treat, Kut'ya, and a look at the rituals surrounding its preparation.

64: Who Are the Russians?
Daniel Rancour-Laferriere
A look at the notion of "ethnic" Russians.
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