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May/June 2002

May/June 2002

16: Russian Calendar
In depth profiles of Valery Brumel, Valery Todorovsky, Andrei Bitov, Mitrofan Grekov, Alexander Kalyagin and Robert Rozhdestvensky
Russian Calendar

22: The Moscow Summit
Mikhail Ivanov
In May, US President George Bush became only the sixth sitting US President to visit Russia. On the eve of this visit, we met with one of Russia's leading "Amerikanists," Georgi Bovt, and got his read on what to expect for the summit and the months beyond.

28: Walking a Verst in Russia's lapti
Mikhail Ivanov
The influence of lapti in Russian speech, and a bit about lyko too.
Survival Russian

29: Leading Russians
In this, the last in our nine successive installments of "100 Young Russians to Watch in the New Century," we profile 11 remarkable individuals. From a middle-school math teacher to an archaeologist, from a painter to a rescue worker, these exceptional individuals are some of the "best" and "brightest" that will lead Russia into the future.

48: Man of Birch
Larisa Fabrichnikova
Invite Vasily Chikov to a party and it's likely he'll turn up in a birch bark vest and hat ... and serenade you and your guests with a flute made from, you guessed it, birch bark!

51: Summer Sorrel Shchi
Darra Goldstein
A great dish for summer dacha days is this sorrel soup. Try it at home!

52: Eye of the Photographer
Dmitry Azarov has a gift for catching public figures in private moments, as this two page photo essay demonstrates.

54: The Magazine Boom
Mikhail Ivanov
Want proof Russia's economy is on the mend? Look no further than the newsstands. New national magazine brands are being introduced every week. So we sent Editor Mikhail Ivanov to look at what is behind the boom in publishing and where it is going.