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October 1996

October 1996

4: 40 and Counting: Four Decades of Russian Life
The Editors
A look at the magazine's beginnings in 1956 (as USSR) and of its partner publication, Amerika Illustrated. Download the article as PDF.]

6: Dawn of the Russian Navy
Lev Pushkaryov
On October 20, 1696, a now legendary resolution, "Let there be sea ships," was passed by the Boyar Duma, heralding the beginning of the Russian navy. Lev Pushkaryov examines how this event came to change the Russian mentality.

8: Blood for the Revolution
Alexei Kilichenkov
Thrown from simple peasant life into an elitist world of cold machinery, cruel hierarchy and political extremism, Russia's sailors became a fearless, and fearsome, fighting force in Russia's revolutions. Alexei Kilichenkov traces their evolution in the years 1905-21.

13: On Moscow's Orders
Nikolai Cherkashin
The previously unknown story of a submarine sent to the waters off Israel in 1968, with the intent of firing eight nuclear warheads ...

18: Setting the Standard
Lisa Dickey
It has taken well over 250 years, but it seems an unfulfilled wish of Peter the Great is finally to be carried out. As Lisa Dickey observes, a replica of a ship which he captained personally is being built by enthusiasts.

22: Eternal Birch Bark
Alexandra Strelnikova
While many of Russia's traditional crafts seem secreted in remote areas of the country, one at least is alive and well in Moscow. Alexandra Strelnikova shares the unique tradition of the Belov family.

25: Of despicable metal and easy behavior
Mikhail Ivanov
Various euphemisms on everything from spying to drinking to prison are covered in this issue's column.
Survival Russian

27: Drama for Contemporaries
Valentina Kolesnikova
A look back at the 40th anniversary of Moscow's famed "Sovremmenik" theater.
Russian Calendar

28: Care for a drive?
Robert Greenall
Renting a car in Russia.
Practical Traveler

32: A plethora of pies
Yelena Utenkova
Pirozhki are the heart of any Russian meal. Making the dough and the stuffing is well described in this article.