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July/Aug 2000

July/Aug 2000

10: Venichka's Long Quest to Stardom
Finally, author Vendikt Yerofeev is getting the attention he deserves.
Note Book

11: End of an Era in Theater and Film
Two MKhAT personalities--Angelina Stepanova and Oleg Yefremov--passed away within a week of one another. But their legacy lives on.
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18: Resurrecting Savior's
Mikhail Ivanov
Seventy years after it came crashing down in a portentious explosion of anti-religious fervor, Moscow's towering Cathedral of Christ the Savior has risen again.

22: Faithful Reproduction
Mikhail Ivanov
In this companion to our cover story, we talk with Russian architecture expert William Brumfield about the significance and manner of Savior's rebuilding.

27: Can I sip on your Tchaikovsky?
Mikhail Ivanov
Tchaikovsky, music and composers are all grist for this column's mill.
Survival Russian

28: The Incomparable Tchaikovsky
Russian Life
A short biography of one of the world's greatest composers.

31: Making a Klin Break
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
We went to this provincial town, just 80 km from Moscow, to visit the last residence of Tchaikovsky. We found several surprises.

36: Examining the Icon
Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Ivanov
In our second of three articles on Tchaikovsky, we talk with the woman Russia has entrusted with protecting his archive, home and image ...

44: A tender tartar dish
Avrora Restaurant
Shashlik a la Tartar is the featured dish this issue, with a delectable plum sauce... No summer could be complete without it.

46: The Essential Tchaikovsky
Richard Taruskin
Noted music historian Richard Taruskin shows how so many have misunderstood and misrepresented Tchaikovsky--and all of Russian music in the process.

54: From Atlanta to Sydny
Dmitri Grantsev and Mikhail Ivanov
It's that time again! The 2000 Olympics in Sydney are just weeks away. Here are some of the Russian athletes to watch.

64: And Justice For All?
Anna Badkhen
Russia led the world last year in the number of claims registered against it in the European Court of Human Rights, with 972 cases. What does all this mean?
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