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Jan/Feb 2000

Jan/Feb 2000

18: The Secret Life of a Russian Santa Claus
Alexei Pospelov
Alexei Pospelov takes us along on the New Year's tour of a modern day Ded Moroz (Russia's equivalent of Santa Claus).

23: Of Soviet Santas & Snegurochkas
Mikhail Ivanov
This time of year, many Russians pine for the calmer, friendlier New Year's celebrations of decades past, and struggle to preserve family holiday traditions

26: Karl Bryullov: Russia's First Master Painter
Semyon Ekshtut
This headstrong romantic from a long line of artists was Russia's first painter of world renown. Semyon Ekshtut traces Bryullov's life and art on the occasion of the painter's centenary.

35: Painting in bedroom tones
Mikhail Ivanov
The language of painting and the visual arts.
Survival Russian

36: Masha and Her Bears
Liz Buchanan
Masha Makarova is one of Russia's hottest young pop stars. So what do Ireland and Iceland have to do with it?

44: Perm: Gateway to Eurasia
William C. Brumfield
In this, the first of a six part series where we trek east across Siberia, William Brumfield gives us a tour of Europe's Easternmost Town: Perm. Also includes a long sidebar on Khokhlovka.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


56: Honoring a noble fish
Moscow's Renaissance Hotel
Russians honor fish in their cuisine, from the mundane herring to the noble salmon and herring. In this issue we feature Pan Roasted Sturgeon.

58: Three Books and a CD
Paul E. Richardson
We review three books: PU-239 and other Russian Fantasies, Russia Abroad, and The Crime of Olga Arbyelina, and a CD: The Golden Age of the Russian Guitar.
Under Review

64: Privacy is Not Everything
Mikhail Ivanov
Some ruminations on how Russians choose to spend their birthdays.
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