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July 1996

July 1996

4: Still Going for Gold
Mikhail Ivanov
For the first time since 1912, and the third time ever, there will be a Russian national team at the Summer Olympic Games. Shorn of socialist ideology and a win-at-all-costs attitude to their sports, its members have an uphill struggle to maintain the USSR's supremacy of recent years.

10: A Nation of Plotters
Yelena Utenkova
Dachas (summer houses) are a concept held dear by most Russians--80% of the population has a dacha, and Russians put them third on their list of material priorities, behind apartments and cars. Yelena Utenkova takes a detailed look at the history and role of the dacha in Russian society.

17: Ivan Kupala
Valentina Kolesnikova
A look back at the pagan holiday which was assimilated into the Orthodox tradition as John the Baptist's day.
Russian Calendar

18: Looking After the Treasure
Lisa Dickey
Last year's controversial exhibitions at St. Petersburg's Hermitage museum gave attendance a new boost, and fueld hope for expansion and upgrade plans. Lisa Dickey takes a look at what's in store for Russia's greatest art museum.

22: Arctic Paradise
Colleen Combes
The Solovetsky Archipelago in the far northern White Sea is an extraordinary mix. Colleen Combes braved the mosquitoes to investigate the nature phenomena, prehistoric puzzles, monastic traditions, and gulag hardships that make this remote corner of Russia so unique.

27: Excuse my English!
Mikhail Ivanov
English words that have snuck into contemporary Russian usage.
Survival Russian

28: Bargain Hunting
Robert Greenall and Oksana Voronova
Where to get bargain gift items when traveling in Moscow.
Practical Traveler

32: Souper Cool
Yelena Utenkova
Okroshka -- the hearty Russian soup based on kvas.