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June 1996

June 1996

4: The People's Will
Robert Greenall
Russia's June 16, 1996 presidential elections were a unique event in the country's history. For the first time, Russians elected their head of state in a one-person, one-vote election. In this article, we look back at Russian electoral history, before and during the Soviet era.

13: Holiday of the Holy Trinity
Valentina Kolesnikova
This one page article looks at the Orthodox holiday of Pyatidesyatnitsa, the Feast of Pentecost, which occurs 50 days after Easter.
Russian Calendar

14: Hostage of the Revolution
Valentina Kolesnikova
After Lenin and Stalin, no personality was as venerated in the USSR as the writer Maxim Gorky, founder of socialist realism, who died 60 years ago this June (1996). Far from a pet of the socialist regime, Gorky, the "story petrel of the revolution," also condemned the revolution early on as a "cruel experiment" with the Russian people. Here we trace the story of his fascinating, often controversial life.

19: Why Going Dutch is not Russian
Mikhail Ivanov
On waiters and restaurant etiquette.
Survival Russian

20: The Art of the Unknown
Christina Ling
Ernst Neizvestny, one of Russia's greatest artists, staged a landmark exhibition this year in Moscow. Christina Ling tells his story, and provides insight into some of the work that most Russians are seeing for the first time.

23: Defenders of the Soul
Ivan Sergeyev
Nearly 100 years ago, some 600 families of Russia's persecuted Dukhobory sect sought, and obtained, asylum in Canada. There they have earned a reputation for diligence and tolerance of suffering. But what of the Dukhobory who stayed behind, to face persecution under Imperial and Communist rule? Ivan Sergeyev made a rare visit to their Caucasian homeland to bring back this telling story.

28: Riding the Infobahn to Russia
An introductory article on web resources for travel to Russia.
Practical Traveler

32: Eat Your Blues Away
Yelena Utenkova
Golubtsy, the fabulous cabbage and meat dish is the focus of this issue's food column.