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May 1996

May 1996

4: Defending One Sixth of the Earth
Alexander Zhilin
On the occasion of May Day, when Russia celebrates its most important victory, over Nazi Germany, we look at the place of the military in Russia today.

13: Senka
Viktor Nekrasov
Life at the front during WWII is vividly portrayed in this short work, Senka, by one of Russia's most eminent war writers.

20: Stalin's Mysteries: Some Answers, Many Questions
Paul E. Richardson
A review of Eduard Radzinsky's "Stalin".
Under Review

21: Russia, Widen Your Step
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at military language that has seeped into civilian Russian life.
Survival Russian

22: All Hands on Deck
Anthony Dalton
Life on a Russian tall ship is explored in this article about a journey on the Ukrainian ship Tovarishch.

27: Ascension of the Savior
Valentina Kolesnikova
A history of the observance of this important Orthodox holiday, celebrated on the 40th day from Orthodox Easter.
Russian Calendar

28: The Russians are Coming!
A look at the plethora of Russian-related exhibits "invading" the US this summer
Practical Traveler

32: Just What the Doctor Ordered
Yelena Utenkova
Everyone has heard of borshch, but few people know it was named after a weed...