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April 1996

April 1996

4: Saints and Persecutors
Robert Greenall
We visit the town of Murom to examine the resurgence of Christianity in Russia.

13: Invoking Heaven and Hell
Mikhail Ivanov
Religious idioms and phrases in contemporary Russian.
Survival Russian

14: This Spring Gives Hope ... And Profits
Andrei Polyakovsky
The Russian Orthodox Church is not just reviving spiritually, it is also getting back into business. Saint Springs water is a well-funded, successful venture run by the church.

16: Laughter Through Tears
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at how Russia's sense of humor has evolved from the Brezhnev years to the post-perestroika times.

24: Life in a PO Box
Corin Cummings
In this modern tale of two cities, we visit a closed Russian city still getting accustomed to the new era, and a poorer town that lives in its shadow. The author's photos of the closed town, Tomsk-7, are believed to be the first of this town widely published in the West.

28: The Taxi's Last Stand
Scott D. McDonald
A special look at the independent traveler's mainstay in getting around town: the taxi. Do's and don'ts.
Practical Traveler

32: The King of Easter Cuisine
Yelena Utenkova
Kulich is more than just a tradition at Eastertime, it is the king of the feast. Here is a recipe and some discussion of the dish's history.