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July 1995

July 1995

3: Ruble revival or just a hiccup?
Mikhail Ivanov
A look at the fall and rise of the ruble from April to June 1995.
Note Book

4: 24-hour pizza on Tverskaya
The opening of Patio Pizza in Moscow.
Note Book

5: Quake on Sakhalin Island
Michael Allen
Special report from the scene of the devastating May 28, 1995 quake on Sakhalin Island.

7: Bolshoy Tickets: The Inside Track
Cecile Choyau
Tips for getting tickets to the hottest show in Moscow.
Practical Traveler

8: Transaero: What's all the fuss about?
Scott D. McDonald
A look at no-frills debutante in the Russian aero market, Transaero.

10: A little filler, you know, can go a long way
Mikhail Ivanov
How to use fillers to make your Russian more colloquial.
Survival Russian

11: Is the Kremlin sinking?
Yegor Gribov
Reconstruction showed up some problems with the land supporting the Kremlin. How past and present efforts have alternately weakened and strengthened the fundament of the famed fortress.

14: Shchi soup: a not so invisible hand in history
The cultural history of this staple of Russian cuisine, plus a recipe.