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Dec/Jan 1999

Dec/Jan 1999

12: 1998 The Year of Superlatives
Russian Life
A look at the best and worst of 1998, including Biggest Scam, Scariest Smile, Best Poem and more.

18: When the Going Gets Tough ... Buy Russian
Mikhail Ivanov
The financial crisis of 1998 had at least one positive effect: it became more advantageous to produce and sell Russian foodstuffs at home, instead of importing food from abroad.

24: Crisis Russian
Mikhail Ivanov
This column was spurred on the by the devaluation crisis of August 1998. It includes lots of useful bureaucratic language and other neologisms from the crisis era.
Survival Russian

25: Treasure on the Onega
William C. Brumfield
Kargopol is one of the richest settlements in the Russian North. William Brumfield takes us on a visit.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


36: Christmas Duck and the Immortal Kashey
Prague Restaurant
Duck is a traditional dish for the winter holidays. He we explore why, plus offer a tasty recipe.

37: The Russian Lindbergh
Valentina Kolesnikova
A biography of Valery Chkalov, one of Russia's most famous test pilots, who perished on December 15, 1938.
Russian Calendar

38: The Singer of the Arbat
Emily Glentworth
A biographic profile of the incomparable Russian bard, Bulat Okudzhava.

42: East Meets West on the Silver Screen
Donald Dewey
A fascinating exploration of the links between Hollywood and the Russian film industry.

51: The Other Catherine
Nikolai Pavlenko
The waning of 1998 was marked by the 255th anniversary of Yekaterina Dashkova's birth and the 215th anniversary of her founding of the Russian Academy. We look at her astonishing live and work.

56: The Ego Has Landed
Paul Fein
A profile of Anya Kurnikova, the brash 16-year-old who wants to be more than just another pretty face. She wants to be #1 female tennis player in the world.

64: Russia Will Always Have Brezhnevs
Mikhail Ivanov
On the bizarre return to politics of a Brezhnev.
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