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Jan/Feb 2001

Jan/Feb 2001

19: 100 Young Russians to Watch
In this, the first in our nine-part series of articles, we profile 15 Russians whose ideas and actions will shape Russia in the 21st century. Meet businesspeople, actors, singers, and scientists, all representatives of the new Russia. Link through the title of the article for a list of all 100 of the individuals.

35: The Road to Irkutsk
William C. Brumfield
In the last article in our six-part series, "East Across Siberia," William Brumfield takes us from the formerly closed city of Krasnoyarsk to Irkutsk and the shores of Lake Baikal.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


43: The Decline of Russian
Paul E. Richardson
Time was, study of Russian in the US was egged on by spy scandals, arms races, international crises and Kremlinology. Now that the mystique is gone, it's a whole new game. We look at the challenges being faced by colleges and universities that teach Russian.

48: Searching for Shambala
John McCannon
Russian painter Nikolai Roerich was as controversial as he was prolific. John McCannon leads us to a deeper understanding of this gifted artist.

57: Matters of Life and Death
Mikhail Ivanov
Words, phrases and idioms dealing with life and death--the true language of "survival" Russian.
Survival Russian

58: A Siberian New Year's Delicacy
Siberians know their salmon. So where better to turn for a nice holiday recipe featuring this savory fish? The dish is called Salmon Steak a la Yakut.

60: Winged Dacha
Dmitry Barinov
What do you do when your enterprise pays your wages in airplanes? Build a dacha, of course.

64: Fear and Freezing in Vladivostok
Nonna Chernyakova
A report on how the population in the Russian Far East is coping with energy shortages and muncipal mismanagement.
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