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Mar/Apr 2000

Mar/Apr 2000

14: Care For Some Fries with That Reform?
Mikhail Ivanov
The 10th anniversary of McDonald's in Russia offers an opportunity to look back at the effect the company has had here.
Practical Traveler

18: The Yeltsin Legacy
Leon Aron
As Russia readies for its first, post-Yeltsin presidential election, Yeltsin biographer Leon Aron offers thoughts on the Russian leader's legacy.

22: Common Strength: Eight Russian Women
Mikhail Ivanov and Valentina Kolesnikova
In commemoration of International Women's Day, celebrated widely in Russia, we offer portraits of the daily lives of eight remarkable Russian women. Those profiled include: a ballet dancer, a bakery shop assistant, a television anchor, a train conductor, an artist, an athlete, a travel agent, and a cab driver.

47: Beware the teapots and snowdrops
Mikhail Ivanov
The language of the roads, from Gaishniki lingo to women drivers.
Survival Russian

48: Yekaterinburg: Passage to Asia
William C. Brumfield
Our trek east across Siberia takes us to Russia's fourth largest city--an industrial powerhouse with some surprises in its environs.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


54: At the Center of it All
Alexander Yefimenko
A profile of Yekaterinburg's governor, Eduard Rossel.

58: Tasty, and good for you too!
Red Square Restaurant
Buckwheat bliny are a must in the springtime. Here we offer a tasty recipe worthy of Gogol.

60: A Book and Online Translation Software
Paul E. Richardson
We review Till My Tale is Told, and some online translation software.
Under Review

64: That Life-Saving Russian Face
Mikhail Ivanov
Don't judge a Russian, particularly one abroad, by his (or her) outward appearance...
Post Script