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July/Aug 2001

July/Aug 2001

19: 100 Young Russians to Watch
The fourth in our series of articles on Russia's upcoming leaders. Link through the title of the article for a list of all 100 of the individuals.

30: Chicken Kiev's little-known origin
Ukraine Restaurant
Chicken Mikhailovsky is the real name of that dish we know as Chicken Kiev.

32: Mikhail Bulgakov: A Wolf's Life
Edythe Haber
By most accounts, Mikhail Bulgakov was Russia's most talented writer of fiction in the 20th century. For not only was he gifted with prose, but he also showed uncommon courage in the face of mounting oppression. Edythe Haber gives us a glimpse of this amazing writer's life and work.

40: Bulgakov's Post Horses
Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky have translated Bulgakov's most "difficult" work: The Master and Margarita, as well as many of Russia's msot famous works of fiction. Editor Mikhail Ivanov sat down with them in Paris to talk about Bulgakov, the translator's art, and Russian literature.

44: Pontius Pilate
Mikhail Bulgakov
Without question, Mikhail Bulgakov's masterwork is his novel, The Master and Margarita, finished just before his death in 1940. To introduce his work to a wider audience, we present here the "masterful" second chapter of the novel, in which Pontius Pilate confronts Yeshua.

56: The power of seven
Mikhail Ivanov
Idioms and phrases derived from the number 7.
Survival Russian

57: Digging up Russian Roots
Barbra Krasner-Khait
There are nearly three million persons of Russian ancestry in the US today. With the opening of state archives and the removal of taboos on genealogical research in Russia (to say nothing of the online explosion), these Russian-Americans can now more easily excavate the roots of their family trees. Genealogical expert Barbra Krasner-Khait shows how it is done.

64: Passing on the Memories
A tribute to veterans of WWII, especially the heroic Alexei Maresiev.
Post Script