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Apr/May 1999

Apr/May 1999

14: Weathering the Storm
Moscow's hotels are surviving, even prospering, in the wake of the 1998 financial collapse.
Practical Traveler

17: 30 Years Under the White Sun
Mikhail Ivanov
Russians' favorite movie, White Sun of the Desert, turns 30 this month. But for the movie's director, Vladimir Motyl, it has not been three decades of glamour and fame.

18: Lights, camera ...
Mikhail Ivanov
Lights, camera ... a plethora of filmographic idioms and phrases for your lexicon.
Survival Russian

24: Close Quarters: The Rise & Fall of the Kommunalka
John Varoli
Seven percent of Russians live in communal apartments, kommunalki. By all indications, this dinosaur from the communist era will not be extinct anytime soon.

26: Twice-baked sturgeon
Sudar Restaurant
This tasty dish wraps a succulent sturgeon in a puff pastry for a dish sure to amaze.

48: The Poet of Laughter
Mikhail Ivanov
Russian Life visits with a leading expert on Nikolai Gogol, to consider the writer's legacy and influence.

50: A Chichikov For Our Times
Mikhail Ivanov
A review of Mark Zakharov's new play, Mystification, based loosely on Gogol's Dead Souls.

54: A Birthday Gift
John Varoli
A short piece on the centennial birthday celebration for Nabokov to be held in his childhood home in downtown St. Petersburg.

54: Nabokov on Gogol
Comparing the two authors, who stand as literary bookends for the 20th century.

56: Rostov Veliky
William C. Brumfield
A jewel in the Golden Ring, Rostov Veliky remains little touched by the tumultuous tides of this century's history.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield