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Mar/Apr 2002

Mar/Apr 2002

16: Calendar
Includes extended stories on Vladimir Makanin, Valentin Rasputin, Mstislav Rostropovich, Stanislav Neygauz, Bella Akhmadulina and Andrei Tarkovsky.
Russian Calendar

22: The Magical Izba
Nancy Cooper Frank
Awash in symbolism and oozing with history, the izba--peasant hut--is a window on the Russian soul. Rituals, customs and beliefs, as well as the sometimes elaborate decoration of the izba, reflected the many meanings and functions its inhabitants attached to it.

32: Animal Instincts
Mikhail Ivanov
What does a rooster say in Russian? How about a pig or a horse? It's all here in this issue's Survival Russian.
Survival Russian

33: 100 Young Russians to Watch
What does it take to not just succeed, but to excel in Russia today? These ten young Russians--from a neurosurgeon to a broadcaster, from an art gallery owner to a legal reformer--offer distinctly personal answers to this important question. This is the eighth in our nine part series. Link through the title of the article for a list of all 100 of the individuals.

44: Artists' Colony
Mikhail Ivanov
Just outside Moscow lies the secluded, serene Abramtsevo estate. But the calm here belies an amazing history: a century ago, this was the gathering place for some of Russia's greatest artistic talents, from painting and theater, to architecture and literature.

54: Pozharskiye Kotlety
Katia Troosh
A legendary dish made for an unexpected visit of a tsar to a way station, this has since become a favored dish of many Russian restaurants.

64: Requiem for an Eyesore
Paul E. Richardson
A personal reflection on the many storied Intourist hotel, a Moscow landmark and eyesore.
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