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21 November 2018

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Nov/Dec 2000

Nov/Dec 2000

15: A Tsar is Born
Mikhail Ivanov
Twenty-year-old Marat Safin is taking the tennis world by storm, not only because of the strength of his game, but also because of the strength of his character.

19: Olympic Dreams
Russian Life
The Sydney Olympics held both happy surprises and amazing upsets for Russia's athletes. Here are some of the best stories.

24: Sleigh Revival
Mikhail Ivanov
The brisk December wind whistles past your ears as you glide across the freshly fallen snow. Step back in time and see how sleighs are making a comeback in Russia.

32: Stomping on the throat
Mikhail Ivanov
Cliches and idioms related to poets, writing and the life of writers, is the focus of this column.
Survival Russian

33: The Last Romantic
Avril Pyman
Widely hailed ast the greatest Russian poet of the 20th century, Alexander Blok was more than an enigma--his life and work are a reflection of the Russian soul.

44: The Heart of Siberia
William C. Brumfield
The former capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk is a thriving city that the railroad made. This fifth installment in our East Across Siberia series also takes us to Tomsk and Barnaul

50: A holiday gift from Ukraine
Ukraine Restaurant
Vareniki with cherries -- boiled dumplings with a cherry filling, to be more precise-- is a holiday treat bequeathed to Russia from Ukraine.

52: The Poetic Idol of 1941
Lidia Melnikova
Alexander Simonov is not a poet most Russophiles have heard of. But that should be no reflection on his wonderful verses.

53: Volodos and Berezovsky
Paul E. Richardson and Arthur Zorn
We review a new CD by pianist Arcadi Volodos, and a biography of Boris Berezovsky.
Under Review

54: And the Winner is ... Reader Photo Contest
The results of our Reader Photo Contest are in. It was a fine crop of photos--the only problem is that we could not choose more winners!
Photo Feature

64: The Indestructible Anthem?
Darby Fanning and Mikhail Ivanov
The Soviet anthem is back! Brushed off and edited for a post-soviet reality, references to Stalin and Communism are gone, but there is still that faint echo...
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