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May/June 2000

May/June 2000

18: Russia's Boys of Summer
Mikhail Ivanov
Baseball is not something one immediately associates with Russia. And rightly so. Yet interesting things can happen in the most unlikely of places.

24: Tsar Boris' firm handshake
Mikhail Ivanov
The linguistic legacy of Boris Yeltsin.
Survival Russian

25: Chekhov Today
Donald Rayfield
Few writers have had as much impact on literature and drama as Anton Chekhov. And yet his legacy is largely ignored or overlooked.

32: Tyumen & Tobolsk: Siberian River Cities
William C. Brumfield
Many cities grew up along Siberia's rivers as Russia expanded eastward. Here we look at two very provincial cities as part of our six part journey East Across Siberia.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


40: Suvorov
Semyon Ekshtut
Russia's greatest military general, Alexander Suvorov, is little known outside his homeland, where his exploits are the stuff of legend.

48: Dessert a la Tartar
Red Square Restaurant
Kaymak with wafers is the tasty dessert treat offered in this issue. It is an ancient Tartar/Mongol dish of carmelized cream.