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Oct/Nov 1998

Oct/Nov 1998

8: The Rip-Off of a Nation
Mikhail Ivanov
How have Russians handled the near-collapse of their banking system and the absence of a national government? We go in search of the human stories.

12: Opposites Attract: Russian-American Marriages
Lynn Visson
Americans have been marrying Russians in record numbers since the wall came down. Lynn Visson looks at the unique challenges and rewards of Russian-American marriages and how couples are finding domestic detente.

19: The Prose Poet
Mikhail Ivanov
A biography of Ivan Turgenev, one of Russia's greatest writers of the 19th century.
Russian Calendar

20: Ending telephone hangups
Mikhail Ivanov
Useful phrases and idioms for telephoning, screening calls and more.
Survival Russian

21: Lord Novgorod the Great
William C. Brumfield
Over 1000 years old, Novgorod was the birthplace of a strain of Russian democracy that was not destined to survive. But its architectural heritage has survived, at least in part.
:: Illustrations/Images by William C. Brumfield


28: The Russian Museum: 100 Years of Russian Treasures
John Varoli
There is no more Russian museum than St. Petersburg's Russian Museum, as we found when we looked behind the paintings at this storehouse of Russian art.

34: A closed pie
Prague Restaurant
Kulebyaka is arguably one of the most popular types of Russian pies. Here we present a recipe from the famed Praga restaurant in Moscow.

36: Russia's Metropol
Mikhail Ivanov
Home away from home for countless VIPs and ordinary folk, Moscow's upscale Metropol is a hundred years old this month.

42: Welcome to Russia! Now Pay Your Taxes!
A look at the new tax declaration procedures for long term visitors/residents.
Practical Traveler