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Author: Tamara Eidelman
Translation: Nora Seligman Favorov

July/August 2017
Page 19   ( 7 pages)

Summary: In which we look at the revolutionary year through the eyes of the people living through it. In this issue, the politicians, the tsar, and Alexander Blok.


The cold spring of 1917 (it even snowed on May 20) was followed by a hot summer. Over the course of just a few days in late June and early July, the political situation in Russia changed radically. The enthusiasm people had felt for the Provisional Government back in March had faded, at least among many. Alexander Kerensky, who was playing an increasingly prominent role in the government, later recalled the first days of July:


Trucks filled with mysterious armed men appeared on the streets of St. Petersburg. Some of these trucks went from barrack to barrack, urging soldiers to join the armed rebellion that was starting. Others drove around the city following me. One such band burst into the courtyard of the building where Minister-Chairman Prince Lvov lived just moments after I had driven away. And no sooner had my train pulled out of the station on its way to the front than another truck stormed into the station. Above the armed men flapped a red flag reading “The First Bullet is for Kerensky.”

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