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Author: Natalya Beskhlebnaya
Translation: Nora Seligman Favorov

July/August 2017
Page 52   ( 8 pages)

Summary: On St. Petersburg’s Revolution Highway there is a museum devoted to collecting and preserving the elusive and controversial art forms of graffiti and street art.


All over the world people are trying to figure out how to preserve the work of street artists. There are galleries that collect and display their work, and there are museums specializing in tours of local graffiti, but only in Russia is there an institution with a permanent address and a permanent collection.

And it is not afraid to call itself the Street Art Museum.

St. Petersburg’s Street Art Museum (SAM) is located on Revolution Highway, far from the city center and its well-known tourist attractions. It is run by a private organization and operates in an industrial site, sharing space with a functioning factory. This is because SAM is the brainchild of Andrei Zaitsev, the son of the factory’s director, Dmitry Zaitsev.

“I’ve done a lot of traveling, and although I keep looking, I’ve never found anything like this,” Andrei said. “Something similar opened up in Berlin this spring, Urban Nation, but it’s not exclusively devoted to street art, it was a little different. And they’ve only just opened, while we’re on our fourth exhibition. And, since I didn’t have any examples to follow, we’ve been inventing our museum as we go, feeling our way through. For some people that might be sacrilege, but for us it’s the blazing of a new trail in the world of street art and art in general.”

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