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Author: Anna Ryseva
Illustrations/Images by Evgeny Sinitsyn

July/August 2017
Social Issues
Page 40   ( 6 pages)

Summary: A family of animal defenders gets burned out of their home. All they want is to return, to help more animals.


Tanya Shchukina may be the only child in Russia who goes to school wearing the star-shaped badge of the Little Octobrists.* Last year, her mother ceremoniously inducted her into the long defunct organization when Tanya entered first grade.

Tanya lives on the outskirts of the ancient Russian city of Sergiev Posad, in a barracks with her adoptive mother, grandmother, five cats, and two dogs. One year ago, the family’s house burned down, apparently due to the fact that Tanya’s mother is a renowned defender of animals.

“They burned us out, it seems, because of the dogs, as far as I understand,” Tanya’s mother says. “We had a new neighbor. He started throwing stones, bricks, saying: ‘I will destroy you, I will outlive you.’ But, as we know, a man is innocent till proven guilty.”

Here are the facts....

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