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Letters to the Editors

Jan/Feb 2017
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Summary: Readers sound off on Russian Life and offer input on Rasputin and NATO.


To the Editors:

The reason I cancelled your magazine is... Your blind sighted lack of balance. The editorial voice seems like a echo chamber for the smug western views of Russia and Russian culture!

I say this as a 5+ year subscriber who is an American married to a woman from Russia, who won’t touch your bias journalism. The lack of balance is breathtaking.

When you judge other cultures through your own looking glass (value system) you see exactly what you want to see.

No thanks from this American/Russian couple who are seeking fresh and balance views of ALL people & cultures vs the same old paradigms!

Archie Eliason

Minnetonka, MN


To the Editors:

Your article on Rasputin in the November/December issue is excellent, but errs in one critical aspect. You write, “The reaction to Rasputin’s murder in December 1916 can only be described as universal rejoicing.” True enough among the elite, but not among the peasant masses. For example, a St. Petersburg lady making a volunteer visit to a hospital of injured soldiers shared her joyful reaction with the troops. They responded with a gloomy silence. Thinking they didn’t understand, she repeated it. They continued silent until finally one of them spoke up, “Yes, one of us [peasants], just one, gets close to the tsar, and the lords kill him.” The other soldiers agreed. Maurice Paléologue, the French ambassador, picked up similar stories in the wake of the assassination – that Rasputin’s murder by aristocrats was turning him into a martyr in the peasants’ eyes.

Ironic, of course, as they had broadly accepted the worst rumors about him.

Stephen F. Williams

via email


To the Editors:

I must take issue with Mr. Friesland’s remarks about NATO (Letters, Nov/Dec 2016). To describe its intent as “to surround Russia” is naive and misleading. That smaller countries on Russia’s border welcome the defense promise and protection that comes with membership in NATO shows the intent is survival by those smaller countries. They are driving the expansion, not NATO. The record is clear: none of the border countries has expanded into Russia. Russia on the other hand has its fingerprints all over the Crimea and eastern Ukraine. Meddling in Belarus politics is historic. Good fences make good neighbors.

...I find many Americans are fascinated with Russia and long for solid, friendly, mutually respectful relations. I can’t help but think how better life could be for both countries if less was spent on guns and more on “butter.”

Love your magazine, especially Survival Russian article and Uchites, which I like to read out loud even though I can rarely translate a full sentence without a dictionary or online translation app.

Turk Sties

via email

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