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Beloved Friend

Author: Paul E. Richardson

Nov/Dec 2016
Page 38   ( 2 pages)

Summary: Renowned conductor Semyon Bychkov has initiated a new project in appreciation of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. We tracked him down in Paris to find out more.


This fall, Russian-born conductor Semyon Bychkov inaugurated a multi-season, international project devoted to Tchaikovsky, Beloved Friend. It began with a concert series with the BBC Symphony in October, and will continue with the NY Philharmonic’s three-week festival, “Beloved Friend: Tchaikovsky and His World,” in January and February of next year. In September, Russian Life Editor Paul Richardson caught up with Bychkov via Skype, at his home in France.

How long have you been conducting. Is it over 40 years now?

It is longer than that. I am over 60 now, and began conducting at 17, with the choir in Leningrad.

And how many times in those 40+ years would you say you have conducted Tchaikovsky?

He has been a presence throughout all those many years.

So we can just say a lot, then?

Yes, many times.

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