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Stateless Soccer

Author: Mikhail Mordasov
Illustrations/Images by Mikhail Mordasov

July/Aug 2016
Post Script
Page 64   ( 1 pages)

Summary: A football (soccer) tourney was held in Abkhazia among unrecognized and semi-autonomous states. Russian Life was there.


In early June, Abkhazia played host to the Second World Football Cup of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. The confederation was founded in 2013 and includes teams from numerous unrecognized and semi-autonomous states around the world, ranging from Quebec and Somaliland to Greenland, Monaco and the Isle of Man.

On a sultry Sunday evening in the seaside town of Sukhumi, Abkhazia (a separatist region of Georgia that seeks independence) faced off against Panjab (representing the Punjabi diaspora in the UK). It seemed as if all of Abkhazia had shown up at the match. The stadium was full to overflowing; fans were sitting in the aisles, lying on roofs and clinging to poles and fences.

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