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The Unworthy Knight

Author: Kir Bulychev
Translation: Nina Shevchuk-Murray

Spring 2016
Page 91   (40 pages)

Summary: When you awaken the past, it is bound mess with the present, to say nothing of the future.


He could go on running and call for help. He could contact the museum. But then he thought: the skeleton had a spear, which meant he’d been in that cave for a long time, from at least before the revolution. Perhaps even from the time before the tree grew on top of the cave, and anyone could get in. This person – these people – who had gone into the cave and stayed there, may well have been the guardians of a treasure. Degustatov had read in authoritative sources that robbers sometimes killed their comrades who knew too much, on the premise that the sight of those killed would repel the future seekers of someone else’s loot. The possibility of there being a treasure grew stronger in his mind. And there was nothing to be afraid of. Skeletons don’t bite. Degustatov decided that it was his duty to get back into that cave and secure any valuables. So he went back into the wet darkness.

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