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22 September 2018

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The Little Golden Calf

Authors: Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov
Translation: Anne O. Fisher

Spring 2016
Page 75   (16 pages)

Summary: Chapter one of the award-winning translation of this classic novel of treasure hunting and cons.


Pedestrians just need to be loved.

Pedestrians comprise the larger part of humanity. More than that: its better part. Pedestrians created the world. It was they who built cities, erected multi-story buildings, laid sewage systems and water pipes, paved the streets, and illuminated them with electric lights. It was they who spread culture all over the world, invented the printing process, concocted gunpowder, cast bridges across rivers, deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics, introduced the safety razor, destroyed the slave trade, and determined that one hundred and fourteen tasty, nutritious dishes can be made from the soybean.

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