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Author: Oleg Korionov
Translation: Olga Kuzmina

Spring 2016
Page 69   ( 6 pages)

Summary: One man's trash is another's treasure.


Shneller the violinist loved trash.

He would dig through the dumpsters and fish out all kinds of odds and ends to bring home – from boutonnieres to tin soldiers.

Every treasure Shneller found had some sort of defect: a porcelain doll with no arms, a brooch with a broken clasp, a cracked vase.

But if all of Shneller’s finds had been in sparkling, perfect condition, who would have thought to throw them away?

Some live off the trash business: they find things, fix them, and pass them on.

Shneller wasn’t like that. He loved the very process of it: the anticipation of the “excavation,” the “excavation” itself, and – if he was lucky – the treasure.

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