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Underground Moscow

Author: Gleb Alexeyev
Translation: Paul E. Richardson

Spring 2016
Page 51   (14 pages)

Summary: A pair of adventurous souls and the long lost treasure of Ivan's Library.


Early in the morning on Bolshaya Nikitskaya, in an area still populated by shady gardens and undisturbed by the drone of trams, a young stranger in grey leggings stopped at the orange?colored house, the layers of which had been stripped away by years of war and revolution, not unlike a poorly constructed pastry. After carefully studying the inscription – “For Shoemaker Surkov: 1 ring. For Citizen Obolensky: 2 short rings. For Midwife Sashkinaya: 2 long rings. For Archaeologist Mamochkin: 2 long rings and one short.” –  he gave two long rings and one short. Five minutes later, an unkempt square head stuck itself out a second floor ventilation window that had been plastered with a yellowed page from the broadsheet Poverty. The head’s eyes were heavy, its pupils muddied by sleep, and bits of down feathers –  transferred there from his ratty pillow – fluttered in its beard, looking a bit like butterflies.

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