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1815: The Holy Alliance

Author: Tamara Eidelman
Translation: Nora Seligman Favorov

Sep/Oct 2015
Page 22   ( 1 pages)

Summary: The idea of a Holy Alliance was dear to Alexander’s religious heart. He believed that God would protect legitimate rulers. The Holy Alliance did not quite work out that way.


On September 26, 1815 (September 14, Old Style), the three great powers that finally brought Napoleon to his knees – Austria, Russia, and Prussia – concluded an alliance.

Alexander I, who had not found the courage to introduce reforms in his own country, decided that, with the defeat of Napoleon, he could be a force for good across Europe. He convinced the king of France, Louis XVIII, to introduce a constitution, albeit one granting rather limited rights and freedoms, and he managed to have a large area of Poland incorporated into the Russian Empire, sincerely believing that, in so doing, he was giving the Poles, who had been deprived of their own state, autonomy and an opportunity to live in peace.

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