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Author: The Editors

Sep/Oct 2015
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Summary: The kerfuffle over Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov's watch reached a fever pitch in August. They he went on his honeymoon on an expensive yacht...


Summer is wedding season in Russia, and one nuptial this year has gotten particularly close attention: the marriage of Dmitry Peskov, press spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, and Tatyana Navka, a former Olympic ice dancing champion.

A Kremlin official and an accomplished athlete tie the knot: naturally, the wedding is a grand affair. But then Russians started asking questions. The detail that got people particularly riled up was a watch Peskov was photographed wearing. An attention-grabbing accessory, the watch turned out to be a Richard Mille RM 52-01 featuring a golden skull, making it easy to identify. It turns out only 30 have ever been made.

The price? At least $620,000, according to opposition politician and corruption watchdog Alexei Navalny, who posted online a scan of the watchmaker’s reply to his inquiry.

Needless to say, this is a price tag well beyond the means of your run-of-the-mill state official, even one serving as Kremlin press secretary.

Navalny’s blog post, “This watch of a newlywed bureaucrat is more expensive than your apartment,” quickly went viral. Some tried to defend Peskov, claiming he must have borrowed the watch. Peskov had his own spin: the watch was a gift from his new wife, a wedding present.

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