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Goodbye Lenin?

Author: The Editors

Nov/Dec 2014
Social Issues
Page 64   ( 1 pages)

Summary: Lenin statues have been taking a beating lately, especially in Ukraine.


First your beloved Soviet empire comes crashing down, then you lose your Socialist Paradise, as capitalism inundates the motherland, as if Marx and Engels didn’t matter a whit.

Thankfully, over 70 years of Soviet Power, your image was set in all manner of stone, metal (ferrous and non), wood, straw, even lentils. Surely those will stand the test of time, until these newly minted kulaks and privateers come to their senses and welcome you back.


Turns out that, where there is money for the task, Lenin statues have been toppled, crushed, and mercilessly tossed onto history’s scrap pile.

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