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A Russo-Finnish Delicacy

Author: Darra Goldstein
Illustrations/Images by Alexander Sherstobitov

Nov/Dec 2014
Page 60   ( 2 pages)

Summary: Tyanushki - hot caramel sauce - over cranberries is a perfect treat as fall sets in.


When i was in college, it was nearly impossible to get a visa for extended study in the Soviet Union. So I spent a semester at the University of Helsinki instead, figuring I could always visit Leningrad on a tourist visa. In Finland I discovered all sorts of culinary delights, including candies called Pihlaja, rowanberry-flavored fruit jellies. They soon became a favorite treat. Later that semester, when I was able to travel to Leningrad, I discovered something else: Tort Tyanushki, a luxurious caramel-glazed cake, its topping as sleek as marble. It, too, became a favorite, especially after I found it for sale in Helsinki. Little did I suspect that these two very different sweets shared a rich history.

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