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Leaving City Life Behind

Author: Michelle A. Berdy
Illustrations/Images by Victor Bogorad

July/Aug 2014
Survival Russian
Page 26   ( 1 pages)

Summary: Summer means it is time to head to the dacha. Here are some linguistic items to pack before heading out.


Every year in early summer, Russian cities experience a massive demographic shift with a deceptively modest name: ??????? ?? ???? (the move to the dacha). For weeks, your downstairs neighbors with children have been telling you: “????? ?????????? ?????? – ??????.” (“We’ll go after the Last Bell” – the ceremony marking the last day of school.) And then, one fine day you suddenly realize that the park is half-empty, the courtyard is quiet, and there isn’t the sound of video games filtering up from the downstairs apartment. ??????! (They’re gone!)

Dacha preparations may involve a number of mysterious conversations. Your neighbor seems to be discussing an industrial process, or perhaps a medical procedure, with a friend.

– ???????????

– ? ??? ???

(“Did you do the treatment?” “Of course.”)

– ????

– ?????.

(“What did you use?” “I sprinkle.”)

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