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Dubious Intent

Author: Sergei Lukyanenko
Translation: Andrew Bromfield
Illustrations/Images by Katya Korobkina

May/June 2014
Page 38   ( 3 pages)

Summary: An excerpt from the final installment in a popular Russian sci-fi saga, to coincide with the novel’s release.


p align="left">Perhaps it was the powerful memory of that shameful binge, or perhaps Pastukhov had simply developed some unusual abilities, but after a while he started noticing other people with strange eyes. To himself Pastukhov called these people “wolves” and “dogs.”

The first group had the calm indifference of the predator in their gaze: not malicious, no, the wolf harries the sheep without malice – more likely, in fact, with love. Pastukhov simply steered clear of their kind, trying hard not to attract any attention in the process.

The second group, who were more like that first young drunk, had a dog-like look in their eyes. Sometimes guilty, sometimes patient and concerned, sometimes sad. There was just one thing that bothered Pastukhov: that wasn't the way dogs looked at their masters, at best it was the way they looked at a master's whelp. And so Pastukhov tried to steer clear of them too.

And for quite a long time he managed it.

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