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The Moscow Eccentric

Author: Andrei Bely
Translation: Daniel O’Carroll

Winter 2014
Page 81   (20 pages)

Summary: A fascinating look at life in post-revolutionary Moscow, in this never-before-translated excerpt from Bely's little known novel about the capital. All the more amazing for the fact that it is written (and translated) in metered prose. Presented here in our bilingual format (English and Russian on facing pages)


Houses, more houses, small houses, smaller houses, and even wee houses: a five-story, newly rebuilt, cream-toned house dressed with garland accents; a house done in wood, a cute blue little house; further down: a grey-green colored house made of stone, its pediment jutting; sagging, a cornice drew near to a column, the faded roof threatened collapse; all the windows were blinded by shutters; the house was surrounded by whispering maples; a tree with red paws hung above a stout, cast-iron fence.

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