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20 September 2018

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Moscow Believes

Authors: Paul E. Richardson and Olga Kuzmina

Winter 2014
Page 6   ( 2 pages)

Summary: It's harder, and easier, than one might think to put together an issue of Chtenia devoted to Moscow.


At first glance, it would seem there could be no more impossible theme one could choose than Moscow, given that we allot only 128 pages to each issue of Chtenia. As the wise Kozma Prutkov (see Chtenia 16) put it, “Nikto ne obnimet neobyatnovo”—no one can embrace the unembraceable.

"But," as a modern Prutkovian, the comic Steven Wright, once quipped, "on the other hand, you have five fingers."

If something is not a challenge, it is hardly worth doing. So, true to the spirit of “Moscow does not believe in tears,” we decided to knuckle down, buckle down, and do it.

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