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Beyond the Games

Authors: Mikhail Plotnikov and Julia Naberezhnaya
Translation: Paul E. Richardson

Jan/Feb 2014
Page 51   ( 9 pages)

Summary: After the games are over and the crowds have gone home, Sochi will still be Sochi. We look at what this Black Sea resort has to offer visitors beyond Olympic wonders.


Sochi has much to offer visitors alongside (and after) the Olympics, particularly when it comes to exploration and enjoyment of the natural world. This roundup is a guide to the city and all it has to offer visitors, yet it also provides insights into the history, geography and culture of the region.

Founded in 1838 as Fort Alexandria (renamed Fort Navaginsky a year later), much of the settlement was destroyed during the Crimean War (1853-56). In 1864 it was rebuilt as Dakhovsky Posad, and in 1896 was renamed Sochi (from the word Shacha or Sshatche – an indigenous name for the area). Soon after, it became popular as a resort destination. During the Second World War, its resort facilities were transformed into hospitals, where half a million Soviet troops received treatment. Today it remains the country’s largest resort and rehabilitation destination, with over 200 centers for healing and rest.

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