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Maria Shpikalev

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Maria Shpikalev MARIA SHPIKALEV, a graduate of MSU journalism faculty, shares her husband's (photographer George Shpikalev) passion for travelling. George and Maria enjoy driving around Russia and capturing beautiful images and impressions. In 2006, George organized an expedition from the Barents to the Black Sea, spending three months in an off-road vehicle with his favorite camera and lenses, a portable gas stove, tent, and of course his loving wife. A photo album of the trip, Russia: North to South, containing George’s photos and Maria’s texts was published in 2007. The next year found the couple in Yaroslavl, working on the special anniversary edition of a photo album Yaroslavl: 1000 Years of History and Culture. The book was published in 2010.

Yaroslavl at 1000

Russian Life: Mar/Apr 2010
It is not often a world city celebrates its millennial birthday, but this year that honor falls to one of Russia's most ancient and multi-faceted urban centers, Yaroslavl.
Author: Maria Shpikalev
Translator: Paul E. Richardson
Illustrations/Images: George Shpikalev
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